Tech Support Survey
Instructions:  Please select the responses that most clearly represent your opinion.  There are no "right" or "wrong" answers; what is important is your evaluation of the service provided by GCU's Tech Support.  This survey is administered and maintained by the Office of Assessment, which assures your anonymity.
Q1 Within the past term, I have contacted Tech Support to resolve a technical issue.
Q2 I contacted Tech Support by the following means:
Q3 My wait time to speak with a support technician was within the following range:
Q4 My wait time to receive a response from a support technician was within the following range:
Q5 My main reasons for contacting Tech Support were the following:
Q6 The support technician took the time to listen and understand my issue.
Q7 The support technician helped me better understand the problem and its solution.
Q8 The support technician was able to resolve the issue for which I contacted Tech Support.
Q9 My experience with GCU's support technician had a positive effect on my perception of online education.
Q11 Do you have a non-GCU email account which you check daily?

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